Past President Jan-Jun 2012 & 2015,
IIMB Orators club, Bangalore

“Sudha Balajee has been an inspiration to our Club-IIMB Orators & District 92. I know Sudha for the past 8 years. She had progressed from strength to strength in her leadership journey performing the roles ranging from club Sergeant to District Director. Sudha & I were part of our club leadership committee for several terms. Her leadership initiatives and contributions brought in several accolades to our club continuing our saga of being “Presidents Distinguished Club” year after year. An assertive, result oriented & hard working leader – Sudha has great potential to take up higher leadership roles in Toastmasters or elsewhere.

John Paul,
Founder & CEO,

“I have had the opportunity to work closely with Sudha on multiple occasions – as a fellow Toast Master and also at Maya, the Startup I founded where she played the role of a Financial Consultant. Her drive to excel in all her chosen endeavours combined with diligence and hard work has been an inspiration for the
rest of us.”

Tony V Francis,
Past President
IIMB Orators Club

I first met Sudha at the IIMB Orators club. Very soon the club and I realized we had someone special in our presence because she moved swiftly and impact fully in her speech and leadership tracks becoming the club president and the first member to become a DTM. Then she goes all the way to become District Director. One of Sudha’s greatest gifts is to simplify the most complex. I have watched Sudha’s leadership both intimately and from a distance and asked her how she had brought near perfection to her role as District Director. You don’t have to do that, ‘She said “Your job is to get talented people to do that, Program Quality Director, club growth director,Public Relations manager among others. Your job is explaining the vision, articulating  your vision then suddenly the whole mystical thing one though District Director was disappears.I can describe what I want and I know what I want and so it’s easy.” Sudha is one of the best leaders the organisation has produced.She is here to serve and we’ll all benefit from that.

CS S.C.Sharada
Founder, S.C.Sharada & Associates
Company Secretaries

Sudha is a rare leader with a ‘never-give-up’ attitude.  I still remember how we didn’t let her in, into our club 9 years back since she didn’t qualify as an alumni.  Instead of arguing with us or finding fault with our membership rules or crying ‘oh, those grapes are sour’, she resolved the matter by speaking to the IIMB Alumni office and getting her MPWE course included in the alumni list.  She ‘fought her way into our club’ so to say, but firmly and with dignity and respect, paving the way for other women from her course to become part of our prestigious club.  After entering, there was no looking back. She left all of us behind as she sprinted to her goals – working with a structure and purpose in mind to complete the speeches first and then take on leadership roles. Known as “P T Usha of IIMB Orators” Sudha is a leader who personifies perseverance, determination, focus & execution. Not one to be swayed easily by emotions she is a grounded and assertive leader who can call a ‘spade a spade’ without offending the other person. Supported by her Toastmaster husband, Balajee Gopalan, over the years, I have watched her blossom into a confident, composed and charming woman whose communication is marked by clarity of thought and expression. Sudha has not let her health condition defeat her energy and enthusiasm to surge ahead in the TM
journey.  Balancing work, life and pursuing further education, she inspires a whole lot of us. I wish her all the best !!

Dr. Suresh Mony

Founding Director-Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Bangalore and currently Professor Emeritus I have known Ms. Sudha Balajee since 2016 when she first came over to meet me along with our MBA students in connection with the establishment of a Toastmasters International center at our Bannerghatta campus.  Subsequently, she has been interacting with me in her capacity as District Director of Toastmasters as well as Visiting Professor for Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting.  The Toastmasters Club at NMIMS, Bangalore is very active and has been instrumental in honing the public speaking skills of many of our students and Sudha has played a key role in this journey. Sudha’s knowledge of Accounting and Finance is exceptional. Coupled with her exemplary communication skills she is an outstanding teacher and is highly rated by the students and peers. Undoubtedly she is one of the best faculty in our Under Graduate programs in BBA and B.Sc. (Finance). Sudha exudes confidence in her demeanor and brings energy and rare passion to her work.  Apart from being an excellent organizer and program implementer she is a great team player and can be banked upon in times of crisis.  She is ever willing to go the extra mile beyond the call of duty, even in the face of odds such as illnesses in the family, while discharging her role as faculty or whatever responsibility she has undertaken. Sudha has a very high emotional quotient which is extremely important for a leader. With her competence, human relation skills and ability to take initiatives she comes across as a highly inspirational personality. As a leader she has the ability to drive change and provide mature leadership and be a role model. I understand that Sudha has been nominated as a candidate for the position of International Director, Toastmasters.  With the blend of attributes that she possesses, I have no doubt that Ms. Sudha Balajee will be an asset to the Toastmasters movement as a senior leader across nations and cultures and play a notable part in expanding its reach and fulfilling its noble objectives.